12. Richard M Nixon

Perhaps the only president who can come close to Donald Trump and lying as a politician is this guy. From illegally taping people and bugging their offices, to trying to impede all investigations into his illegal affairs. Nixon, unlike Trump, was not protected from his lies. Hence the term “Tricky Dick”.

13. Laurie Laughlin

This actress from the TV show, FULL HOUSE, along with her fashion designer husband MOSSIMO, decided it would be better to bribe college admissions counselors with millions of dollars to get their children into prestigious universities than actually teach children that money doesn’t buy you everything. To date, Laughlin and others rank as THE LARGEST academic fraudsters in the history of education. From bribes to trumped up back stories for their children’s supposed accomplishments, to fakes grades and transcripts.

14. The Tooth Fairy

Like Santa, the real tooth fairy was not so kind to children. Any child unlucky enough to wander into her forest, found their teeth ripped out so they could not disclose her location! Nowadays, the tooth fairy is used as commerce and a pleasant distraction for children losing teeth. 

15. Frida Kahlo

Frida’s mystic was used to endear her to the lower- and working-class public of Mexico. Her early life was not so much truth as it was fabricated to create a more likable character. Frida lied about her lower-class upbringing (having come from money), about being a freedom fighter, and about her father’s origins from Nazi Germany. And yet, to this day, she is revered as an artist like no other and a visionary presence, which she most certainly is.

16. Lance Armstrong

Lance WAS a winner…he should have been, considering that he used steroidal enhancing performance drugs to get a leg up on his competition and it worked. Having been one of the most decorated bicyclists in the world, with tons of financial endorsements, for an encore he was then exposed as a liar, cheater and not such an upstanding guy in the world of sports.


Martha got her hand caught in the cookie jar...which for a baker is rather ironic. She thought for

some reason not paying her taxes was an ok recipe for success, however in the end she found out playing with the IRS is a good way to get burned. For lying about her income, it landed her in jail for a period of time and now Martha has been busy reviving her career with

the most unlikely of partnerships, doing comedy spots on TV with Snoop Dog and kick starting her cooking advice career. As the saying goes for Martha, less fibbing, more ad-libbing.


Can someone tell me WHY a real bunny, chocolate bunnies, hiding brightly colored eggs, marshmallow peeps, jelly beans and all other manner of sugar is somehow associated with the holiday Easter and the resurrection of Jesus himself. Ummmm, is it possible we are being sold a lie of some sort for the sake of opening our pockets books and buying “stuff”?

Why am I skeptical about Jesus having dug Cadbury peanut butter eggs at the last supper.


Ok so follow me on this one. THIS particular special day of the year goes like this, IF I were

To write out instructions for the day. “Step one, find someone you either like, love or dislike. Step two, come up with some elaborate prank, story or incident, doesn’t really matter, AS LONG AS ITS A LIE. Then you want to go forth and spring this little concept of yours on them. Or what the heck on as many people as you can. AS LONG AS YOU LIE. THEN you get to see the look on their face when you say APRIL FOOLS DAY.. I WAS LYING TO YOU. Only to get greeted by a smile, shock or relief and guess what? It’s ok to lie then. It’s expected! Wow.


Uh oh…it looks like someone didn’t want to tell the truth about the catalytic converters they

Actually LEFT OUT of their cars when sending them to the U.S. Their line of diesel engine cars

Would not have passed smog inspections in the US if it hadn’t been for the whopping lies VW

Told. When the cars rolled out of the new show rooms no problems… however when it came

Time for the cars to be RE-SMOGGED, RE REGISTERED… the cars were not passing the Inspections. This little ditty of a lie VW perpetrated cost them Billions of dollars in fines. Ouch.